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Student Testimonials 

"I’ve found this space so supportive and generative and I’ve learned from each of you.  I started these 3 oil paintings during our last class. I noticed a softness unlike what normally comes out of me in these (both the making and the thing itself) and feel immense gratitude for the poem and meditation and collective intention that helped me access it. I left with the feeling that although I often feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and, frankly, furious, I’m connected somehow to collective reserves of gentleness, strength, and wisdom that I can also embody.

Jess, thank you for the truly visionary healing work you do. With love, respect, and gratitude"

"I so enjoyed your classes, they were grounding and connecting with sweet people in such difficult times (it) filled my cup."


"I think Jessica is an amazing human being. I can't thank her enough for providing this space for all of us to work together and yet separate. That's really hard to pull off and she has done it beautifully. Thank you!"

"I have loved this series through the pandemic. It's been a great way to evoke calm and creativity, very healing, and build community with folks from all over."

"I think Jess is a wonderful instructor. I found her welcoming and supportive, very spiritual. I really enjoyed her meditations."


"You are a warm-hearted, generous, and sensitive soul and I can really feel the love you put into the class. It has been a special sacred space for me. I love the combining of meditation and art. Thank you again for doing it."

"Jess gives permission to play with art materials and see what happens. I am often surprised and delighted with what I create during the hour. I am always inspired and amazed by the artwork of the class participants. Everyone is so supportive of each other and each individual's process. Participants feel safe enough to be vulnerable, sharing their artwork and their feelings."


"I love the sense of exploration, the ease of doing art."


"I was able to go from a place of being beaten down by my inner critic to creating with total joy and feeling good about myself it was miraculous."


"Each time I came to class with a plan or project in mind, and every class, after the meditation, some new idea came. I came to enjoy expecting the weekly surprised. Many thanks for a lovely experience. I will cherish the friendships and art-making."


"I can't tell you how grateful I am that we've had this time together.  It has been a powerful experience working alongside other women. ( The first day we met and few talked I was nervous about how this was going to go.)  It has morphed so beautifully in such a short time.  I hate to see it end.  Thank you so much, Jessica, for providing the space and your lovely way of making people feel supported."


"This class has been very important to me. Although it was hard for me to be as much a part as I wanted, the poetry, movement, meditation, instruction, and sharing were powerful antidotes to the current isolation. The chance to do some parallel play was extremely soothing to this beleaguered heart. I very much want to continue and to stretch my hands and eyes open again."

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