I am a multi disciplinary visual artist living in Marlboro, Vermont. My mediums have included photography, gouache, encaustics, handmade inks, found objects, writing, and clay. I also have a Buddhist meditation practice, practice Reiki, and teach expressive art classes.


I have taught classes in intuitive art and meditation since 2012, creating in-person and online courses for adults, with a primary objective of sharing my own practices and insight to help others rediscover their innate creative selves.

I currently teach art classes, workshops and provide 1:1 coaching online only.


  • 30 years’ experience as a working artist

  • 20 years experience teaching art workshops and classes, including photography, writing, painting and sculpture

  • 10 years experience running community art programs

  • 7 years work as a reference librarian providing confidential research and support on a range of personal topics

  • BA in Art and MLIS degrees

  • Certification in: Vipassana Meditation; Mindfulness Stress Reduction; Art therapy practices, including Guided Drawing; ; Qigong; and Reiki II 

  • Extended experience in trauma informed practices supporting individuals with anxiety, depression, and abuse histories.