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Past Offerings

Intuitive Art Community

Wanting to reconnect with art making? Perhaps as a form of mental health support, with the company of a community of others? A private online forum with weekly inspiration and prompts. Based on Julia Cameron's The Artists Way.

Reiki Session

Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, peace, and reduces stress through gentle touch. Reiki practitioners place their hands lightly on your fully clothed body to deliver energy, improving the flow and balance of your own energy to support healing. I have a Reiki II certification.

Sessions are an hour

Available as a home visit

$75 a session

Art Making ebooks

Three ebooks are available to help support you in your creative life - Intuitive Art Making, Basic Bookmaking and Simple Collages. 

Always available 

$40 for a self-guided book

I will email the e-book to you upon registration.

Meditation & Art

Ongoing supportive weekly online class for women. Includes Qigong, guided meditation and art making.



Spiritual Direction

Looking for help in switching perspectives on a challenge or life direction? Clients have found my process very helpful in stepping back and seeing the big picture of their soul's journey.

My coaching can include mindfulness guidance, active listening, intuitive readings, reiki sessions, handmade flower essences, and spirit paintings.

Available in person and online


$75 an hour

Neurodivergent Women

A Neurodivergent Women's

Support Community!

Utilizing therapeutic art making, a book group, and a life support forum.

Open to any self-identifying or diagnosed women on the autism spectrum, living with ADHD, or a HSP (highly sensitive person).

We will start by reading Neurodivergent Mind by Jenara Nerenberg

An ongoing online private forum



"I think Jessica is an amazing human being. I can't thank her enough for providing this space for all of us to work together and yet separate. That's really hard to pull off and she has done it beautifully. Thank you!"

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