My class offerings are designed especially for women-identifying HSPs (highly sensitive people) who want to connect more deeply with their inherent wellness and creativity. Nature centered, trauma informed and non-clinical art therapy practices used in all of the classes.

Meditation and Art

Rejuvenate and connect to your inner self through qigong movements, guided meditation and exploratory art making in the company of others.


This offering is available as an ongoing community and as a retreat or workshop, online or in person.

Current class:

Fridays 10am -Noon

Starting September 23 through December 16, 2022


Restorative Art Playground

Permission to play! Art stations similar to what you might have done in preschool, with mental health benefits! Take time to relax into your body and enjoy looking at bright colors, feeling the paint and clay on your hands, and having a meditative experience. Each class will include multiple stations, like  bilateral drawing, finger painting, clay work, making mandalas, and tissue paper collage.

In person at a local venue.

Not Available

Archetypal Doll Making

Dolls have existed since the beginning of humankind, and in every corner of the globe, serving as companions and playthings but also as containers of ancient wisdom, healing and transformational powers. Contemporary dolls can have the same power as ancient dolls, to hold multiple layers of meaning and intention, both for the maker and the observer. They can serve as mirrors and companions to our deepest, truest selves.


The process of doll making can help you to heal at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. At the beginning of the class we will go through a process of setting our intention for our doll, through looking at archetypes, symbols, animal totems, and personal desires. Common archetypes for doll making include a guardian, a scapegoat, a loving kindness being, a talisman or a healer. We will start from a sketch and then move into 3 dimensions.

Available in person and online for small groups.

Not Available

Creativity Unbound

A twelve unit class utilizing visual art and writing to build trust in your intuitive, creative self. Based on the book "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron.

Self guided e-book.


Inner Landscapes

You are invited to explore your relationship to our home landscape and personal mythology through art and writing. At the beginning of each month, you will be offered a unit focused on an element of the land. Together, we will explore prompts to sink deep into the theme on our own and shared as a group. A wonderful way to navigate through the darker months into Spring.

Offered online in November 2022.


Guided Bilateral Drawing

Based on the study of Guided Drawing by Cornelia Elbrecht, this approach to healing through art, invites you to make somatic drawings or paintings with both hands simultaneously. You are guided by your body sensations, as your eyes are closed. Guidance and reflections is offered.

Available in person for individuals and small groups.

Not Available

Forest Bathing and Nature Mandalas

Join me for a meditative, nature centered experience of moving meditation and temporary, tactile art making in concert with the natural world.

Available for individuals and small groups, May through October.

Not available