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Step into your inner landscape

As we step across the threshold of the autumn equinox, there is a natural turning inward. This quieting of the natural world and our outer life can be nurturing but it can also turn to depression. This class invites you into community with others during the darker months to be inspired by archetypal images and words about the landscape, and in turn stoke your own creative fire.

Inner Landscapes invites you to explore the relationship between our home landscapes and personal mythology through art and writing. At the beginning of each month, I will offer a theme-based post, utilizing ideas from many traditions. We will respond to prompts to explore the theme on our own and share together.

We join together on a private website for this class, no live classes, so you can move through the class at your own pace. We will share and respond to each other's art and writing throughout the month as a gentle observer. No critique, just noticing what stands out, what is heard.

Register by October 15, 2022

November 2022 - April 2023

Sliding scale $200 - $400 for 6 months, welcome to pay monthly

Pay through website, Venmo, or by check

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Also available this winter is an affordable creativity guide for you to use at your own pace. Intuitive Art, a 12-week guide on visual art, based on Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way. No class time.


About Jess Weitz

I am a visual artist living in Marlboro, Vermont. I have 20 years of experience in multidisciplinary art, writing, Buddhist practice, reiki, and teaching. I have taught classes in intuitive art and meditation since 2012, creating in-person and online courses for adults, with a primary objective of sharing my knowledge and experience to help others rediscover their innate joyful, creative selves.

"I am most interested in art as a tool for inner transformation. I want to use my experience to facilitate an experience of healing and wonder through art and the written word for you."


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