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These 27 paintings were made in 2017 as works on paper, using watercolor, gouache, and oil pastels, inspired by passages from The Radiance Sutras. 

The Radiance Sutras is a version of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra by Lorin Roche, in 2016. This text was originally written in Sanskrit, in the Kashmir province of India, in approximately AD 800. It is a series of meditation instructions set as a conversation between two lovers, Shakti and Shiva.

“I was struck by the sensual nature of these passages and the invitation to live in wonder through our senses…they lend themselves to interpretation through artwork. And I thought the images could offer people another doorway to enter into deep connection with our senses.”  

These paintings are available as a set of twenty 5x7" inspirational cards or in Giclee prints.

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