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Spring is about expression


a sense of awe, Albanian

Dark clay plant form with traditional glazes

on a maple wood base

I can barely believe the burst of life that has happened over the last week or so. Dandelions dotting the grass, apple blossoms swarming with bees, the seasons first hummingbird. Glorious and always a miracle, after stillness of winter. These rhythms are what speak through my art making.

Artists are also emerging out of their studios, opening their doors to the public. If you are feeling like a road trip, you can drive around the whole state of Vermont to see local artisans over Memorial Day Weekend, as part of the the Vermont Craft Council's Open Studio Weekend, May 27th and 28th from 10am - 5pm.

Or you can keep it local, and just visit the Brattleboro West Arts loop. I am a member of this lovely group of local artists. You can find my sculptural and functional ceramics at Applewoods Studio and Gallery on Route 9, in Marlboro, VT. I have included the BWA map below.

If you prefer to shop in the comfort of your own home, visit my web shop, where I have recently uploaded many of my available pieces. I am happy to deliver locally for free or ship pieces to you.

BIFL - Buy It For Life

"Choosing to use a ceramic bowl — made by hand with clay pulled from the earth — can be an entirely different experience than using a glossy factory-made plate from a shop. You can sense the artist and feel the shape of their intention. With so many people feeling a lack of connection to people and to place, ceramics help us reconnect with something that’s as satisfyingly imperfect as life itself."

Brattleboro West Arts Open Studio Map -

Hope to see you soon!


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