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Magnetic Field

Reaching across the magnetic and wildflower fields of July to connect with you. June showed itself as a tumultuous whirlwind through my own experience and the sentiments expressed by many I work with through classes and coaching. How are you holding up? The sky here in Vermont has been full of rain and this morning has a milky orange tinge from the Canadian wildfires.

Being a sensitive soul (or highly sensitive person), I get overstimulated pretty easily, by people and environmental factors. I often need to retreat into my inner recesses to recuperate and sort through all the impressions I have soaked up. My art practice can be a restorative place for connecting to the deeper hum. Can you relate to that need?

As an artist, my vocation is to be a bridge between the energy of the elements, and to be the medium by which to channel the unseen, to reveal the unconsciousness. I have always dreamed of creating with natural art materials so that I could dive into the magnetic field of the dirt and let the universe use me as its vessel. Over the last few weeks, I have been conducting many tests with local materials, such as clays and sands from our land, as ceramic slips.

Made with sandy silt from a Vermont brook

Would you be interested in learning about making art with plants and soil? Drop me a note and maybe we can pull a small class together in August in my woods!

I am dreaming up new ways to create objects of meaning for others. An old friend is sending me dirt from her farm land that she has to leave after decades so I can make her a pot that holds her land. I would like to start offering to make pieces that incorporate the ashes of loved ones as glaze, to help commemorate a soul.


Please consider stopping in to see my pieces in person, as it is challenging to show them fully in photographs. Here is where you will find them:

Applewoods Gallery, Marlboro, VT, Friday - Sunday 10am - 4pm

Whetstone Ledges Farm Stand, Marlboro, VT, All summer long

Friday July 7th 5-8pm at The Brattleboro Flea on Elliott Street

Saturday July 15th 10-4pm at The Waterbury Arts Festival in Waterbury, VT


New classes will start in September and I will be sending out information in the next few weeks. My offerings support the development of personal spiritual practices through art practices, reiki sessions and mindfulness.

This September, I will be enrolling a small, intimate class for a 12-week journey through my own interpretation of Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way called Intuitive Art. This class will invite deep reflection through writing, art making and group support to help make a renewed commitment to your creative self. No live meetings so you can move through on your own schedule and share with classmates on a private online website. $250 for 12 weeks! To hold your spot, register here. You must pay for the class through the website, Venmo or check to hold your spot.

I thank you for your support and companionship!


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