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“The times are urgent. Let us slow down.”

Bayo Akomolafe

elemental gods 

mold the original gesture

leaving vortex marks 

traversing our earthen body 

through air and water

across heart valve, larynx and soft rock

the breathing of continents

as an extraterrestrial event

beyond our oxygen atmosphere

cyclones forming in response to

solar events

air vibrations bearing

the inner ear’s delicate form

like floods through

desert canyons

polar whirls

encasing migrating birds

in a spiraling wave

of elastic medium

expanding and contracting

in three dimensions

insect bodies built in reverse

around a coil of air

spiraling membranes

enlivened breath

as keeper of sound and color

humid seas

open whirlpools 

like sense organs 

a delicate curl

as mediating force

clouds moving what is 

superfluous to one

bearing moisture 

over great distances 

to where there is need

finally impregnating air

with droplets 

which push down into 

the lanella

of porous ground

breathing through 

earth’s mantle

There is a Spring rain trickling down the windows and the frogs are sounding from the overflowing pond. This landscape is thawing, dripping, awakening from a winter slumber, offering my body the feeling of the great mother bear.

I have been taking a big sip of simplicity over the last few months, as I step back from teaching classes to pause in midlife. This time has included a home silent retreat for a week, which I highly recommend as a reset for yourself and with any household members. No need to go to a fancy location.

We are all part of this pulsing web of life, exchanging information, nutrients, and feelings across time, species, and bodies. Here are some of the people I have been learning from over the winter, through books, images, and talks.

As well as, some wonderful artists I have seen in local art shows, this land I walk every day and each of you that I have worked with, past and present.

What does 'direct revelation' mean to you? Our white, Western culture emphasizes mediated encounters, we are told we need an expert or outside verification. But there is deep, vertical wisdom available to each of us through direct experience. My interest is in facilitating spaces and artwork to encourage this direct revelation, of what I am calling spiritual ecology, for myself and others.

I miss the warm gathering of our classes together but have decided to focus on 1:1 work, and a couple exciting upcoming collaborations (more soon!) in 2024. I have been working with a few clients in spiritual direction, Reiki therapy, and art therapy this winter. In the near future, I will open up this Vermont studio and land to in person work together, including forest bathing, a form of mindful woods walks.

This Spring I have been concentrating on making ceramic pieces for an upcoming group wood firing at the end of April and another barrel firing. I will have lots of new work available in May for Open Studio Weekend (May 25 and 26) at Applewoods Gallery. Stop in and say hello or visit my website or social media in a few weeks.

Here is a preview of some of the pieces headed into the fire!

Thank you for sharing this time with me - and take good care of yourselves.




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