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News for Fall 2023

I learn so much being in community with all of you who have taken classes or worked 1:1 with me. We nurture each other through our collective energy and my offerings shift as I sense the collective needs shifting. Thank you for trusting me and sharing your creative, bright light (and shadow).

"I’ve found this space so supportive and generative and I’ve learned from each of you. I started these 3 oil paintings during our last class. I noticed a softness unlike what normally comes out of me in these (both the making and the thing itself) and feel immense gratitude for the poem and meditation and collective intention that helped me access it. I left with the feeling that although I often feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and, frankly, furious, I’m connected somehow to collective reserves of gentleness, strength, and wisdom that I can also embody. Jess, thank you for the truly visionary healing work you do. With love, respect, and gratitude"

-- From a current student and coaching client

Thank you to those of you who have come by the gallery and my booth this summer. It means so much to feel your enthusiasm and support. Artmaking is central to my spiritual practice. My ceramic pieces can be seen and purchased through the Fall at Applewoods Gallery (2802 VT-9, Marlboro, VT) Fridays through Sundays from 10am - 4pm. Let me know when you are stopping in and I'll try to meet you there.

Upcoming Offerings

Intuitive Art Community: Based on The Artist's Way

12 weeks, starting September 24, 2023. We meet live through Zoom on 9/24 and 12/17 6-8pm with an online forum exchange in between.

Wanting to reconnect with your creative, soulful self? Perhaps as a form of mental health support, with the company of a community of others? We will utilize a private online website to share our art and writing based on weekly posts and prompts. Based on Julia Cameron's The Artists Way. Sample unit $250

Meditation and Art: art making as spiritual practice

12 weeks, starting September 15, 2023. Live on Zoom Fridays from 10-Noon.

Ongoing supportive weekly online class for women. New students welcome! Includes Qigong, guided meditation and art making. Sample class $250 or $20 a class

Spiritual Coach Looking for help in switching perspectives on a challenge or life direction? Clients have found my support very helpful in stepping back and seeing the big picture of their soul's journey. My coaching can include mindfulness guidance, active listening, intuitive readings, reiki sessions, and personalized flower essences and spirit paintings. Available in person and online. Sample reading $75 an hour - a three month commitment is suggested.

Reiki Healing Session

Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, peace, and reduces stress through gentle touch. Reiki practitioners place their hands lightly on your fully clothed body to deliver energy, improving the flow and balance of your own energy to support healing. I have a Reiki II certification. Sessions are an hour. Available as a home visit or distance session. $60 a session

Scholarships are available for classes.

​By paying full tuition for a class, you will be allowing a person in need to participate in a class for a reduced rate. $25 of a class tuition goes to scholarships. I am committed to meeting my own financial needs and keeping my offerings accessible to all. Thank you for your help!


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