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One of a kind, (mostly) wood fired objects of contemplation

It's all in the details, our quiet, close attending to each moment. I feel as though I can see plants growing right in front of my eyes, as Spring unfolds here in Vermont. In our woods, I see the chaotic dance of ferns pushing through the soil, trees severed, lichen and moss intermingling, life and death co-existing. I hope some of this energy is felt in my ceramic pieces.

Pop in at Applewoods Gallery on Memorial Day weekend for Vermont Open Studio (we are Loop 8) to see this work in person and say hi! Or come by the gallery or my studio throughout the summer, by appointment. You can also visit my website shop.


When I am not in the studio, I am writing and collaborating with organizations and individuals to support a life of embodied spirituality. What does this look like?

  • Supporting individuals through therapeutic art practices, reiki sessions, intuitive readings, and meditation guidance.

  • Collaborating on a project with Professor Angie Wiley called Our Biologies, creating education modules and teaching models that embrace art, poetry, and indigenous wisdom as forms of engaging biology.

  • Teaching Art & Meditation as part of the gap year program, The Contemplative Semester, happening in Fall 2024 at Potash Hill, the former Marlboro College Campus.


floating fluid sack

a lone sperm whale

swims the deeps

revealing the

primitive streak

breaching under 

a thin membrane

anchored to

a web of vessels

gills no longer

a grain of rice with

a fast beating heart

skywalk tether

tail curled

floating sphere 

drinking in



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