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Classes and Workshops

My class offerings are designed especially for HSPs (highly sensitive people) who want to connect more deeply with their inherent wellness and creativity. Nature centered, trauma informed, meditative and non-clinical art therapy practices are used in the classes. I have found art making, meditation, depth therapy, and energy medicine central to my own healing process from trauma and have studied these processes in order to support other's in their healing.

We utilize the 3 Pillars of Healing in the Meditation and Art Class:

1. Collaborative Co-Regulation

2. Use of imagination to support a calm nervous system

3. Practicing Witness Consciousness to support emotional perspective

1:1 Coaching

Non-clinical art therapy, Reiki sessions and mindfulness instruction are all possible ways we can work together. A great way to work through obstacles to joy in a supportive and safe environment. Customized for your personal desires. Great for introverts and HSPs who find group settings uncomfortable. 

Wellness Groups

Small businesses and nonprofits can benefit from wellness activities that provide respite, connections and play together. Workshops can be facilitated at your place of work or online on a private forum.

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